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The Legend of Bambari

“Bambari” Safari Suits comes from the Legend of Bambari – In deepest Africa, on the Ouaka river lies the village of Bambari, home to the makers of a cloth. Local seamstresses have long worked with this cloth to develop garments of such elegance and style that they make men’s arms strong and women’s knees weak. With a cut sharper than the teeth of the fierce lion, stitching stronger than the powerful gorilla and lining more comfortable than the fur of the majestic zebra, the Bambari safari suit is the link that connects man to the wild.

Bambari safari suits are more than that. They are a symbol. To wear one is to be a man. To the villagers of Bambari, it is tradition to bestow the suit upon young men when one comes of age; when they are ready to join the ranks of men.

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A Bambari man has honour. He is an adventurer, a hunter. He is an athlete, the definition of a good sport. His bravery is obvious and his charm – Natural. When you see a Bambari  man, you see a man who stands proud, seeing only the world ahead of him. He is a man of a particular, elite breed… Confident in his entitlement, it is his birthright to wear only the very best.

Today, the BAMBARI man is rare. But you know when you see him. Like the GIANT ELAND he stands tall amongst the crowd that follows him, impossible to miss. His sophistication? Unmistakable. His honour? Unquestionable. His strength? Unbeatable. Like the modern Bambari man, the Bambari Safari Suit collection is a cut above the rest.

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